It seems after years of successfully failing in the Champions League, Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger refuses to believe he is not in this years competition.

Speaking at an official Arsenal press conference today, to announce their latest unknown signing, Ivor Potential for less than £15 million, Wenger shocked the attending press crowd by talking about the Champions League.

Whilst talking about his new signing, he added:

“I’m so happy to get Potential into the Arsenal squad, he should fit right in. He also has Champions League experience, which is great as it will help us in this years campaign to do really average in the competition once again.”

When a number of press representatives at the conference pointed out to him, that Arsenal were not in this years Champions League, Wenger replied:

“LOL, okay, right. We’re Arsenal we’re always in the competition, I have had my lucky coat washed and i’m ready to hear that music, do do do do do do do dodooooooo.”

A number of the Arsenal staff at the conference looked to the floor and slowly drifted out of the room.

Wenger continued:

“I’ll be there at the group draw, waiting to see who we get, in my lucky coat HAHAHAHAHAHHA”

Soon after, what seemed to be the club doctor, came into the press room and escorted Mr Wenger into a medical bay.

Report by: Mike Flowerplucker