The breaking news here at the POW offices is that Liverpool FC have signed Sylvester Stallone on a free transfer to become their temporary Goalkeeper.

Further to the bizarre injury to Adrian at the Super Cup final, it seems Stallone thought it the right thing to do.

Stallone who has previous Goalkeeping experience at international level, told our reporter:

“I’m devastated for my wife Adrian, getting injured in such a happy moment. I shouted from the stands whilst sitting on the shoulders of someone in a crowd, I shouted, ADDDDRIIIIIANNNN and cried like a bastard.”

“Now I have to step in for her, and help this soccer team become world champions.”

Stallone also told us who he thinks invaded the pitch to injure Adrian

“It was Clubber Lang, he’s never forgotten our rivalry and would do anything to cause me pain. I’m gonna rip his head off and give him lots of rib punches.”

We caught up with Clubber Lang who was waiting for a flight at the airport to get his thoughts, he told us:

“I ain’t gettin on NO PLANE FOOOOOOOOOOOL”