When in-between managerial jobs, Big Sam has agreed to join up with POW to solve your problems.

Known as the guy in football who can turn failing clubs around, now is the chance to let Big Sam turn your miserable life around.

Here is a selection of this months questions sent over to Big Sam. If you want Big Sam’s help in your life, drop your question over to us here and we will get them answered by the man himself.

Question sent in from Fredrick Toelander:

Hey Sam, I need your help. I recently purchased a Ford Escort from a guy on Gumtree. When I got home and checked it over, I found out it only had three wheels. I’ve tried calling the person back, but he just laughed down the phone at me – can you sort it for me?

Big Sam Says:

Christ on a friggin bike lad, what you doing? Get your fat arse back to his house, kick down the door and slide tackle the cheeky bastard. Let him know you’re there. Go to his kitchen and eat all his food then make a new tire out of his friggin sofa. No messing about. If he’s got a garden, pull up his flowers. Hope that helps.

Question sent in from Fiona Toplifter:

Hello Sam, I just don’t know what to do. I purchased a new fancy frock from a well known high street retailer, it was too small so I took it back for a refund and they told me to frigg off – can you sort it for me?

Big Sam Says:

The bastards. Get your fat arse back down the shop, stand in the entrance and roll up the frock into a ball. Then, kick it long right across the shop so it lands on the other side.

Got to get it right into the refunds section ASAP no matter how ugly it looks. Grab a mannequin from the shop window and slide tackle the bastard across the shop floor. Make sure you’re chewing gum and wave your arms in the air and scream REFUND. Hope that helps.

Question sent in from Bert Flapslapper

Alright Sam, bit of an issue with my new puppy. It just won’t do what it’s told, it runs off when I take it out, it’s crapping all over my curtains and chewing the hell out of my foot warmers – can you sort it for me?

Big Sam Says:

That little bastard, you need to show it you’re there. Next time it’s eating its meaty food chunks, slide tackle the little mutt right across the kitchen floor. Get it doing laps of the garden and star jumps every morning. If it still misbehaves, put him on the bench for a month or put him out on loan to next door. Hope that helps.