It seems Liverpool’s superstar striker, Daniel Sturridge could now have found a solution to his constant battle with fitness. Sturridge who seemingly has had every physical footballing injury in the book, could now be set to play every match for Liverpool this season.

Team mate Adam Lallana let the cat out of the bag earlier this week in an interview when he told a reporter that a “fit Daniel Sturridge would be like having two new signings at Liverpool.”

We sent our chief reporter, Dan Flangefiller down to Anfield to find out more.

The head of medical operations at Liverpool FC, told Dan:

“It’s true, we have finally found a solution to Daniels injury problems, we have built a cloning machine that will clone Daniel, so we will have a fully fit Sturridge for every Premiership game this season. Initially we’re going to make 38 Daniels to cover the Premiership games, then a few more in reserve in case they get injured whilst waiting for the game to start.

It’s rumored the gaggle of Sturridges will be kept in a local Travel Lodge close to the ground when the season starts.

Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp told POW:

“WOW, Yes this is cool, yes! BOOM! So many Sturridges to use, this is amazing, YES, BOOM!

Daniel Sturridge was unavailable to comment due to injury, however a member of the training staff at Liverpool told POW:

“Oh yeah, he’s really happy about it, Dan loves looking in the mirror, now he can just walk around and look at himself all day long.


Report by: Olaf Slimetaker