In the past hour Liverpool Football Club have revealed a brand new signing to boost their squad for the new season – Shakira

We sent our roaming reporter, Dan Hassleburg down to Anfield to speak to the main man in charge, Jurgen Klopp to get a reaction on the new addition, he told POW:

“Wow this is an amazing addition to the squad, we’re so happy right now. Shakira flew through the medical, the moves I’ve never seen before, twisting and turning and throwing of hands in the air. Shakira will be perfect dancing down the wing for us. Wow!”

Shakira who has been playing cold Tuesday nights across the club circuit in Stoke seems a perfect fit for Klopps new squad and a bargain at £13 million.

We spoke to a club representative, Bert Mufflander, he told POW

“Oh Shakira is ideal for us, we want someone who is going to be vocal in the dressing room and on the pitch, and that hair is fucking amazing, Shakira will be a hit for sure.”

Report by: Franny Tickletoe