Yesterdays premier league match at Goodison Park saw an unlikely visitor to the pitch who held up the game for over 2 minutes.

The Everton v Wolves game was needing some excitement, and it certainly got it in the shape of a black cat. Keeping the crowd entertained from what was happening on the pitch, the cat evaded Everton stewards, getting behind the back four of Wolves more times than the Everton front line.

We sent our roaming reporter, Bert Longshank down to Goodison Park to catch up with the infamous Everton Black Cat.

On finding the black cat eating a kebab down a back alley, we invited him (Frank) in for a sit down and a chat about why he invaded the pitch.

Frank ‘The Everton Cat’ told Pow Footy:

‘Well I heard from a few cats that Everton were on the look out for a new ‘Cat’ to play in goal, so I thought I’d give it a go’. Apparently Pickford has been playing like a yard dog, so now seemed a good time to head over and show my moves.’

Working his way through a fish finger and a glass of milk, Frank told us more:

‘To be honest, when I got there I thought they were playing away it was so quiet, and then I heard all this hissing and booing so I thought I’d just run on and cheer everyone up’

We also caught up with the Everton Manager, Marco Silva who told us:

‘Can I go home, I just want to go home’

On finishing the interview with Frank, he added:

‘Can I also just take this opportunity to tell people to stop creating cat memes, enough already. Wankers.’


Report by: Bert Longshank.