Further to the well documented attack on Spurs by Danny Rose, we asked the Spurs manager what the future of Rose is at the club.

Rose blasted Spurs and questioned the future intentions of the club in an interview, he also spoke about his desire to be paid what he feels he is worth.

Danny is currently on a £65,000 a week deal at Spurs.

In a club press conference, Mauricio Pochettino told the press when questioned:The scorpions

“I’m very calm about the situation, because I’ve been told that everything will be okay.”

When pushed further by the attending press pack on who had told him, Pochettino continued:

“It’s very simple, The Scorpions told me that ‘Every Rose Has A Thorn’, this should be expected yes, prickly but everything will smell nice, yes.”

Pochettino who had his translator, Bill Bingwaff surgically removed from his hip a few seasons ago, seemed to be confusing the press with his explanation.

Flustrated, he continued to explain:

“The bloody Scorpions yes? When I was a little boy we listened to The Scorpions, back in Argentina and they have guided me through life.”

“It’s quite simple, the lyrics tell us:

Every rose has its thorn
Just like every night has its dawn
Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song
Every rose has its thorn

“Danny is a cowboy with a thorn and it will be okay, all okay because The Scorpions say so.”


Report by: Mike Handshank